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Search for words in Kanji, Kana, Romaji, in Italian and in English



Search for information from over 2000 Kanji in Italian and English


Ready for study

Tables of conjugation of verbs and adjectives prepared according to the method of university teaching and Japanese educational institutions



Japanese phrases to show the distinction of use of words with the same pronunciation but different concept

The dictionary contains entries in different languages



Japanese and Italian





Powerful search method

You can search the dictionary using kanji, kana, romaji, or a word in one of the supported languages **. Jaapp - Dizionario finds you what you are looking for. iOS also gives the possibility to manually write ideograms using the Traditional Chinese keyboard. One of the keyboards allows handwriting recognition. (To use this keyboard go to: Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Add new keyboard -> Traditional Chinese Handwriting)

Dictionary entry

Many useful and accurate information for the study as synonyms, opposites, connected words. Several terms have an explanation of the concept that the lemma conveys. Unique feature that is not found in other dictionaries. This allows the student to understand the nuances between terms that have a similar or even apparently equal concept.



Different words or Kanji have the same pronunciation but completely different meaning. How can you tell the difference? The ‘Compare with’ section of a headword or Kanji shows a series of sentences inserted with the aim of showing the usage distinction. That is, it allows us to distinguish the correct use of every word or ideogram involved in the comparison.


No long lists of conjugations of verbs or adjectives. But tables built to help apply the conjugation rules taught in Japanese language courses.


About Kanji

You have access to information in Italian of over 2000 commonly used Kanji (新常用漢字しんじょうようかんじ), with an animation that shows the order of the strokes to help you learn well how to write the Japanese language. Kanji also have useful information such as comparison with other Kanji to allow the user to distinguish the use of each Kanji and understand the nuances of the concept, all done through simple Japanese phrases that show the concept they convey. This information also comes from the in-depth study of ideograms and the comparison of different dictionaries, to give the user a complete and accurate tool.

Phrases, phrases and phrases

Everyone happens to go to a foreign country and ask, for example, 'How can I say that I lost my passport?' Or: 'Where is the bathroom?' This phrase book with over 300 useful phrases was designed to be ready in every circumstance.



A section at the initial stage with a great potential: bringing together words or ideograms related to each other. Section made with the aim of giving the user a tool to consult to memorize or remember words like, the days of the week.

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